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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Choices Fair 2014

Ms. Bernfeld with the Choices Commission Commissioners
On Tuesday, March 11, 2014 the Choices Commission ran their annual Choices Fair for the entire freshman and sophomore grades. Brandishing their stylish new sweatshirts they conducted mini-workshops on just three of the important topics the commission addresses. Under the leadership of Ms. Eva Bernfeld, the four Choices Commission Commissioners - Lital Ben-Zikry, Victor Dweck, Jesse Keren, and Lauren Levi, along with 35 other junior and senior members ran each session 21 times. Throughout the day, each freshman and sophomore class had the opportunity to  transition between three locations addressing the three topics: bullying, body image and substance experimentation. 

Students learn about the dangers of bullying
Students develop a positive perspective on body image
Students "envision a brighter future" while learning how to combat substance experimentation 
In each room they became involved with activities demonstrating the negative impact that unhealthy thinking and decision making would have on their lives. Through creative role plays, videos, and interactive activities the students learned important facts. More importantly, these events triggered a thought process weighing out consequences before acting . Each student left the rooms with a small reminder of what had been introduced, from sunglasses to help students “Envision a brighter future”, to anti-bullying keychains, and finally to mirrors encouraging them to look deeper inside themselves. 
Choices is hoping that next year new students will be inspired to join Choices ’15 to further promote these positive messages. Thank you again to Ms. Bernfeld and the students who coordinated this educational and informative program.