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Friday, March 7, 2014

Math Team Competes in First MATHS Competition

On Wednesday, February 26th, six students from the Yeshivah of Flatbush competed at Heschel in the yeshiva league's first MATHS Competition. Representing the school were seniors Joshua Sitt, Abie Tawil, Gaby Kabariti, and Ralph Navarro, and juniors Louis Fanco and Sarah Levy. The students, under the guidance of Dr. Robert Goldberg, who teaches quantum mechanics and problem solving at the school, prepared for the meet by discussing different ways to look at math problems and brushing up on the history of famous mathematicians. The schools they were up against included Ramaz, SAR, Ma'ayanot, and Westchester Hebrew High School. In the games, anything related to math could be asked, from derivatives to dot sequences to harmonic means. Flatbush started off strong, tied with Frisch in the first game until the very last question, losing by a point. All in all, Flatbush came in 4th place out of the eight schools that competed. As it was the first such competition, the students came in unsure of what to expect, but came out with valuable experience and a feel for how to be even more prepared for next time. And it was definately a fun opportunity for students who love math to show off what they know. Thanks again to Dr. Goldberg and Mrs. Shulman, and congrats to the Math Team!
~Sarah Levy, Junior