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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pre-Purim Chesed Extravaganza

This past Wednesday, March 12 (10 Adar II), Rabbi Besser with the help of the Tzedakah Commission hosted our very first Pre-Purim Chesed Extravaganza day. This program was made up of five smaller events. Each one was a success.

Students packed Mishloach Manot, making over 300 packages for the needy for the holiday.
There was Tehillim reading where we had a group of students read Tehillim for the sick.
In Cooking for a Cause students baked hundreds of hamantashen for the SBH food pantry.
We had students call the elderly to wish them a happy Purim. Some of these phone calls lasted minutes and bonds truly were formed. (We are hoping to extend this part of the event to a weekly basis.)
The most grand part of the program was the Ohel/Yachad event. We invited 50+ people from Ohel and Yachad to come spend the night with us. Here they watched videos, made arts and crafts clowns, ate pizza and had a blast with our students.
We are looking forward to seeing you next year at our second annual Pre-Purim Chesed Extravaganza day! Special thanks to Rabbi Besser, SeƱora Ovadia and Mrs. Hanon for putting in many hours to make sure this event was possible. ~David Idy