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Friday, October 24, 2014

SGO Commission Fair 2014!

I never really knew how extensive and expansive the extracurricular activity offerings at Yeshivah of Flatbush were until I helped plan the annual Commission Fair with my fellow SGO members. It amazes me how many commissions and clubs there are and how many students enjoy getting involved. After a few weeks of hard work and planning the day finally came.
On September 30, 2014 the Yeshivah of Flatbush held its seventh annual Commission Fair to introduce students to the many different commissions, clubs, and teams available to students at Flatbush and to encourage them to sign up for those that interest them. Some of the commissions featured were Israel Activism, Eko Commission, Cooking for a Cause, Choices Commission, Tzedakah Commission, Mock Trial, STEM, Partners in Reading and many others. Every commissions board was nicer than the next. Every commissioner was so excited to get every single student involved. Many new exciting commissions were created this year, such as the Real Estate Commission where they will be bringing in successful realtors to educate students who have interest in Real Estate.
Seeing so many students so eager to get involved is such an inspiration to me and I think to everyone in the school. Flatbush students do not only focus on their schoolwork, they are also exceedingly involved in multiple extracurricular activities. The annual Commission Fair was a great demonstration of this.  
~Sophia Chabot, SGO 2015