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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sgt. David Abadie Speaks With Seniors About His Experiences in the Israeli Defense Forces

On Monday, October 6th the students of the senior grade had the opportunity to hear from Sergeant David Abadie. Sgt. Abadie, a former Yeshivah of Flatbush student, served in the IDF after his senior year of high school. He subsequently made aliyah. Abadie spoke to us about his experiences in the Israeli Defense Forces. Serving in the past two operations within Gaza, Pillar of Defense and Protective Edge, the lone soldier really had a story to tell. He mentioned how his experience as a soldier in 2008 was much different then his experience this past summer when he went in with the meluim, IDF reserves units. He also shared with us his experience in making aliyah to Israel and that at first, even though his whole past life was in New York, he knew he belonged in Israel. Students were able to ask Abadie any questions that they had during an extensive Q and A session. Thank you to the Israel Activism Commission for organizing this event. Thank you Sgt. Abadie for sharing your story with us and for your service.
~David Idy, Israel Activism Commission