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Monday, December 29, 2014

Junior Seminar 2014

On December 12-14 Yeshivah of Flatbush Juniors experienced the amazing Junior Seminar. This year's theme was Chesed, and in order to initiate us into the theme we had a special program on Thursday. The program consisted of two inspirational speakers, Mrs. Zaltzman and Yitzi Haber, followed by chesed trips. All of the junior students had the opportunity to take part in one chesed activity. Some of which included: food packaging, visiting the sick, nursing home visits and many more. On seminar, we were joined by some members of the Yeshivah of Flatbush Adult Chesed Mission which helped enrich the chesed theme.

Once we arrived at the hotel on Friday, you could feel the excitement. Seminar started off with a program about the positives and negatives of modern-day technology - the dangers of texting and driving, and how it affects relationships in today's society. We introduced Shabbat we an inspiring Pre-Shabbat Ruach. Following that on Friday night we had a very inspirational and meaningful session where we discussed Hashem, how we view G-d, and our connection with Him. The late Friday night "tish" was also very inspirational. Many students and alumni advisors spoke about meaningful experiences that they had in their lives.

Shabbat day consisted of beautiful prayers and elective sessions. The theme of the sessions were Middot Tovot, such as honesty, compassion, patience, simplicity, reaching out, emulating Hashem, gratitude and many more. Throughout Shabbat we heard from many wonderful speakers including Mr. Steven Sasson and Mrs. Berkowitz.

We ended Shabbat with a very meaningful Havdallah, recited by Mr. David Galpert, followed by rikkudim. After Shabbat ended we took part in the fun games of Class Wars which included games such as: Name that Tune, Trivia Questions about Avenue J, Musical Chairs and many more activities. It was then time for more rikkudim. The night ended with a meaningful and powerful closing program and kumzitz.

Junior Seminar ended on Sunday with even more singing and dancing, and a slide show made by Joey Baum that recapped our weekend.

Our seminar was made to inspire us to do more chesed and look at the world with a new light. Hopefully everyone had a great time and gained from the experience. Thank you to the faculty who came and most importantly thank you Rabbi Besser for organizing seminar and inspiring us all. Can't wait for next year's Senior Seminar...SENIORS 2016!!!
~Clarice Soffer