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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Senior Seminar 2014!

Last month, students of the senior grade experienced their Senior Seminar. They started the day with a parent-student breakfast followed with sessions to help students communicate with parents about the challenges that come in the last year of high school and beyond. Thursday afternoon we heard from a speaker, Ikey Chehabar, on how he overcame and is still overcoming his challenge. 

Overcoming challenges was the theme of our seminar. On Friday morning we traveled to Somerset, New Jersey to spend the weekend and Shabbat with teachers and to learn how to overcome challenges. Whether it was the sessions, which involved religious obstacles, the skits, which played out the idea of good and bad, or the tish, where each student spoke about a challenge they overcame, every corner of seminar was engraved with this idea. With this in mind, senior seminar was a success: as a grade, we overcame our obstacle of separateness, and became one entity, one grade, one group of friends. 

In one word, senior seminar represented "unity." To be honest, our grade has many set cliques. For the most part, each cliques have minded its own businesses and stood its ground. But for the first time, we came together as one. It didn't matter which group of friends you were from because when it came to the dancing, the singing, the tish, and its storytelling, and every other aspect of seminar, we all just came together. We as a grade, for the first time overcame a challenge together. We united and enjoyed Senior Seminar to the max.

We are so grateful for the teachers, administrators, principals, advisors and students who worked so hard to make the weekend such a success. A special thank you goes out to Rabbi Besser, who once again, did a wonderful job and really inspired the students.