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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Choices Commission Visits Middle Division

On Thursday, February 26th, a select group of juniors and seniors comprising our Choices Commission at YOFHS participated in a student-led program coordinated by Ms. Chaya Zimmerman and facilitated by the HS and Middle Division Guidance Departments. The 6th graders were treated to a video presentation, real-life skits acted out by our very own head commissioners, and interactive small group discussions between 6th graders and high school students. Themes explored included communicating kindly with one another and using words and actions to convey respect in all aspects of communication. One glance across the room revealed animated discussion and students engaged with one another as they reflected on various challenges faced by students of all ages. All involved experienced the fun and excitement engendered by a program geared toward teaching all of our students a thing or two about respect and kindness.

A very special thank you to program creator Ms. Chaya Zimmerman, Mr. Avi Smus and the Middle Division PPS Department, our Choices commissioners, and head commissioners Itzik Cohen, Jack Sasson, Brittany Sharvit, and Katie Zami. ~Dr. Etty Mizrahi, Director HS Guidance