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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Flatbush Students Compete and Succeed in Science Olympiad


This past Sunday, 13 students and faculty advisors Mrs. Benun and Ms. Wernick participated in the Jewish Education Project's Science Olympiad at Landers College in Queens. The twelve events were spilt among the students in groups of two or three. Faced with fierce competition from ten other Jewish High Schools, Yeshivah of Flatbush was able to medal in five events. They were:

Bridge Building- Michael Dayan and Asher Lifshutz

Chemistry Lab- Elie Cohen and Michael Dayan

Compound Machines- Elie Cohen and Michael Dayan

Green Generation- Rebecca Zami and Shani Zenilman

Picture This- Claire Lessler, Asher Lifshutz, and Rachel Wolf

After the events were over we heard from a special guest speaker, who is renowned for her work in a Bio-tech startup company. The students learned that when they put in hard work and effort they will be rewarded. We would like to thank the Jewish Education Project, Mrs. Benun, Ms. Wernick, and STEM commissioner, Elie Cohen for making this all possible.

The team members were seniors Elie Cohen, Michael Dayan, Johnny Fuzailov, Rebecca Zami, and Shani Zenilman; sophomores David Azrak, Michael Chakkalo, Josef Kusayev, Mimi Lazerowitz, and Naomi Sanders; freshman Claire Lessler and Rachel Wolf
~Michael Dayan
Seniors, Asher Lifshutz, Michal Dayan, and Elie Cohen