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Friday, January 22, 2016

Chesed Mission 2016/5776: Day 3

Today, we visited the Michael and Lola Goldstein Emunah Day Care Center. The children, who range from 3 months old to 3 years old, come from needy families who need help to support and watch over their children. The center also provides services for parents in order for them to build healthy family lives. We were split up into different classrooms to play with these children. We were also taken to the garden to plant little trees for Tu B'Shvat. We were able to see them do a special Kabalat Shabbat program with the children. We also brought bubbles to play with the children and get them to laugh. These little kids were adorable and truly amazing.
Next, we went to the home of Abba and Pamela Claman, the founders of Thank Israeli Soldiers. There we had the pportunity to see a breathtaking view of the Temple Mount. We were then able to meet with Israeli soldiers and thank them for all the hard work they do to protect our country. We showed them our gratitude through presents, singing, and a little bit of mingling. We then went to the Rova of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City for lunch. Then we were taken back to the hotel to get ready for Shabbat. We can't wait for Shabbat and the week to come! Shabbat Shalom!
~Bonnie Tawil, Class of 2017