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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chesed Mission 2016/5776: Day 7

Even though most of the city is shut down due to the "terrible snow", snow will never stop us from getting our daily dose of chesed. Our first stop on the seventh day of the Chesed Mission was to the Emunah Ethiopian Day Care Center in Mevaseret Zion. 
When new Olim come to Israel they often need help taking care of their children and need to learn to adjust to a new lifestyle they come to Mevaseret Zion. We played with the adorable children all morning with bubbles and toys, starting off our morning on a sweet note.
The next stop we went to was Keren Or. This is an institution for children with severe mental and physical disabilities who are unfortunately blind as well. The teachers explained to us that it is the highlight of their year when the Yeshivah of Flatbush Chesed Mission comes to visit because not that many people come to visit the children at Keren Or. We danced with all the children to amazing music making everyone's smiles in the room glow. This made us even more grateful for what we have and it was amazing to make these people happy.
After our quick lunch break, we went to Tel HaShomer Hospital. There, we distributed all different kinds of gifts to all the age groups at the hospital. All of the families were overwhelmed when we explained that we came from America with presents to give to them. The smile on the patients faces was priceless. Some of the girls went to a special part of hospital, specializing in girls with eating disorders. They talked to them and found out the good things they have in common with these girls, giving them only good things to talk about, distracting them from the hospital.
After visiting the children's ward, we went to the rehabilitation center. This wing helps soldiers who were injured or people injured by terrorists. They told us their stories and inspired us with their courage and bravery that everyone could learn from. As I'm writing this we're getting ready to watch an amazing slideshow of the entire trip. We had an amazing trip! Can't believe we only have one day left!! ~Joan Jemal, Class of 2016