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Monday, January 11, 2016

Choices Commission Kindness Program

Recently, Yeshivah of Flatbush 9th grade students participated in this year's first Choices Commission program. Choices commissioners worked along with the members of the Guidance Department to create a program dedicated to the importance of kindness, and awareness of bullying.
The freshmen watched meaningful videos and watched our Choices commissioners act out some funny skits about how students speak to each other or text in chats. While the crowd roared of laughter, there was definite awareness of how bullying is happening in front of our eyes everyday and it is our job to stand up and say something.

After the presentation, the students were split up by class into sessions to discuss the different types of bullying and to analyze the presentation further. The freshmen definitely got a kick out of the candy that was given out in these sessions. Initially, airheads were given out when a student contributed to the conversation, representing the type of language that is not condoned. As the conversation picked up and the students understood the real meaning and importance of the program and of kindness, they were given Hershey kisses as a parting gift, representing the way we should treat each other, with love.

Through this program the students got a sense of how certain things that they might perceive as normal or inevitable are in fact bullying. They learned about covert, or implicit bullying, and overt, or explicit bullying and how they are so different yet are both types of bullying. Whether it's physically hurting someone, not including them, or typing something mean in a class chat, bullying is the biggest problem facing teens today and must be recognized and stopped. The freshmen now have a kick start to being the role models of the school in the way they act and more importantly, how they treat others. Be the reason someone smiles today.
~Linda Guindi, Class of 2016