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Friday, March 11, 2016

Josh Warhit of StandWithUs Speaks to the Class of 2016 About Israel

On Wednesday February 17, Josh Warhit from StandWithUs came to Yeshivah of Flatbush High School to speak with our seniors. StandWithUs is a pro Israel organization that supports Israel around the world. It reaches its aims through education and advocacy. Josh Warhit is the high school coordinator for the North East Region. He began by speaking to the seniors and students from the Israel Activism commission about his experience in the Israel Defense Forces. Josh served as a lone soldier after graduating from college in upstate New York where he grew up. He enlisted a couple of years ago, where he served and fought during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. He explained the army's code of ethics. He also brought in an actual leaflet that Israel dropped in Gaza that was burned. Before Israel entered Gaza, they sent leaflets to warn the civilians in Gaza that they are entering. This was extremely risky. As Josh puts it, "we were telling the enemy we were coming in."

After some time for questions, Josh changed gears. He took the role as StandWithUs North East High School Coordinator. Josh taught us a technique initiated by StandWithUs to answer difficult questions and statements against Israel. The strategy is called A.R.M. First, address the statement without completely stating that it's wrong. Second, reframe the statement and incorporate all proofs and points. Then, end it off with a nice message that completes the conversation with a positive note. The students practiced this technique together. This assembly was extremely informative and helpful. The students are now able to defend Israel in college and in life. ~Sarah Torgueman, Class of 2016