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Monday, July 11, 2016

Flatbush Students Partake in National Stock Market Challenge

Yeshivah of Flatbush students finished 6th out of over 117 teams nationwide in the national Stock Market Challenge. Our Virtual Enterprise class, worked all year to create, manage and market their virtual business Tcorporation, a financial management and advisement company. As part of the experience the students competed as a team in the Virtual Enterprise Stock Market Challenge which ran from November to May.
The team was provided with a hundred thousand virtual dollars and students were tasked with analyzing real life companies, and with preparing and presenting PowerPoint presentations that summarized their research and projections. The class worked as a collaborative group and voted each Wednesday, based on presentations and analysis of financial news and market trends, which companies to keep, short sell, sell or purchase.

In addition to studying how to follow the stock market, students learned about the importance of quarterly reports, earnings statements and dividend yields. The experience culminated in a class discussion and written summary about what each student learned. As a member of the team Meyer Tawil stated “I learned about the impact of financial news on the stock market that an investor has to be patient, research a company and make intelligent well informed decisions.” The class acquired a great deal of knowledge about the stock market, experience analyzing data and how to work together in a collaborative team and they deeply enjoyed the experience.