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Monday, July 4, 2016

Real Estate Club Visits Hidrock Properties

On May 25th, students in the Yeshivah of Flatbush Real Estate Club along with Mrs. Hanon got to experience what it's like to truly run a real estate firm. We visited Hidrock Properties and received an exclusive introduction to the market by the company President Abie Hidary and his two brothers, Steven and Eddie J. Hidary. The three brothers gave us insight on a few projects of theirs and their company, which was founded by their father Jack almost 30 years ago. They shone light on the reality of the market and provided everlasting advice on how to succeed in the market while retaining our values and background. After visiting their office in Trump Tower in the Financial District of Manhattan, we were taken to the construction site of a hotel that the firm owned. The currently in-progress Marriott Courtyard Hotel faced a magnificent view of the World Trade Center and inside was filled with beautifully designed rooms. The construction site gave us a real hands on experience in the complexity of the market and how many layers of industries it requires. This trip was a truly unforgettable learning opportunity and we are all so grateful to obtain it. ~Morris Mamiye, Class of 2017