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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chesed Mission 2018/5778: Day 7

Over the course of the trip we took part in various inspiring chesed activities. Today’s activities stood out and were especially meaningful to me. We got up in the morning and headed to Yad Lakashish, which is an organization that supports the elderly by training them and allowing them to create beautiful pieces of art. We toured the workshops and saw them at work. We then had the opportunity to buy their masterpieces as gifts for friends and family.
Next we went to Schneider Medical Center where we handed out gifts and toys to the children patients and had the ability to add a bit of joy to their day.
During lunch, we had an impromptu chesed opportunity when we saw soldiers at the mall we were at. We took advantage of this opportunity and gave them gifts and clothing that we had on the bus for Israeli soldiers.
From there we went to visit an amazing organization called Save A Child’s Heart. This organization helps children with heart deficiencies from all over the world despite their nationalities or religions. At this place we got to interact with the patients that they’ve helped, we danced and played games with them. Seeing the smiles that spread across their faces lit up my day.
We ended our day with, Beit Elezraki Emunah Children's Home, one of the most special organizations I have ever experienced. This is a home for children at risk. We hung out with the children during dinner and introduced ourselves, making everlasting relationships. We also danced with them and had a blast doing it. Today impacted me the most out of all of the days because it was truly inspiring to go to such special places back to back and to continuously giving to people and in return I got such a good feeling and lots of love.
~Shirley Sabbagh, Class of 2019