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Friday, January 5, 2018

Flatbush Students Tour "Items" Fashion Exhibit at the MoMA

Recently, through the Pathfinders program, students received a tour of the "Items" Fashion Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The exhibit featured fashion staples such as the white t-shirt and the little black dress as well as some fashion firsts including a 3D printed gown and a bulletproof scarf. Students learned about the social, political, and cultural impact of clothing throughout time. Here are some statements from the students who attended the trip:

"It was so cool to see that fashion is not just about expressing yourself but it is about making a political statement and portraying your emotions on a day-to-day basis. We saw a bulletproof hijab that showed that people actually use their clothing as protection from the outside world". -Claudine Hadef, Class of 2020

"I enjoyed seeing how fashion changes over time, and I love that the trends in the museum were so current. In the past I have done research on fashion trends and it was cool for me to see how my own research was put into the museum" -Alice Franco, Class of 2020
"There was a cool exhibit at the end where a man from the 70s said that he imagined a future world where there would only be unisex clothing and it was cool to see that it actually came true in some fashion lines, like Champion" -Barbara Dayan, Class of 2020

"My friends and I wear hoodies all the time, and in the exhibit we learned that hoodies can be used to escape from your reality and be in your own world but also as a symbol of aggression and violence." -Linda Warren, Class of 2020
"It was cool to see that some trends in fashion never change, like jewelry for example. No one will ever say they don't want a Rolex or a diamond engagement ring." -Raquel Keda, Class of 2019

"It was interesting that the two groups that went on the tour of the same exhibit had completely different experiences." -Joyce Gani, Class of 2018

"I never thought about the connotation of different clothing, like how a leather jacket has a connotation of a "biker" and how a hijab can be associated with terrorism even though not all terrorists wear hijabs and not all people who wear hijabs are terrorists" -Renee Waingort, Class of 2018