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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chesed Mission 2018/5778: Day 8

Today was our last day in Israel for Chesed Mission 2018. Our first stop of the day was Keren Or, where we interacted with children who are visually impaired and have other disabilities. We danced and sang with them and had so much fun just making the children happy.

From there we had our last visit to the Kotel where we prayed Mincha and shopped in the Rova.
We also went to Susan’s House, which is an organization that helps troubled youth recover and find a place in society by using their creativity to make a living. We saw how they made different art peices and glasswork in their workshop. We then had the opportunity to purchase the finished products in their gift shop.

This has been an amazing experience and one we will never forget. Thank you to Rabbi Besser, Susan Franco, Mr. Galpert, and Ms. Zimmerman for making this trip possible.