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Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Day 2012

Teachers and guests led 60 fascinating and insightful sessions all on themes related to the book 1984, by George Orwel, as they apply to our lives today, that students are still talking about. In addition, there was a marvelous luncheon for guests and faculty coordinated by Rochelle Dweck, Ami Sasson and Shifra Hanon which added an elegant touch to the day.The opening assembly kicked off the day with a keynote speech by Rabbi Abraham Cooper who spoke about how the insidious dangers of 1984 have crept into our Jewish lives today. That was followed by a riveting student enactment of a scene from the book 1984. This was followed by a documentary film depicting the lives of people who lived in a real life 1984. The closing assembly was a musical extravaganza with a performance of a Soviet nationalist medley by Lily Mauskop, a choir performance led by Brian Gelfand called "Voices of Hope", music of the future, featuring digital music arranged by high school senior, David Nachmany, and a closing with a video of highlights of Book Day 2012.

Book Day is a cross-curricular program designed to enrich our students and encourage them to think beyond the boundaries of one book or one issue and arm them with facts and ideas so that they can become knowledgeable future leaders of our society.
Book Day 2012 was coordinated by Rachail Kurtz, Library Chairman ; Brian Katz, Librarian and Mica Bloom, English Chairman. Bebe Levitt, our Alumni Director, played an essential role in Book Day planning as well.