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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girls' Dance Team Win

We are proud to announce that the second annual Yeshivah of Flatbush Dance Team competition with representation from Hillel Yeshiva, Magen David Yeshiva and YOF resulted in a resounding first place win for Flatbush. Team captains Barbra Dayan, Sheri Tourgeman (seniors) and Kim Hamadani (junior) joined team members Caroll Dweck, Claudia Elkharrat, Sara Fligelman, Adele Greenberg, Cyntia Haddad, Jacklyn Klein, Helen Menashe, Helen Shalam and Sarah Sitt in a highly synchronized and dramatic performance that wowed the judges and the audience. Chloe Dweck and Janet Chrem were feature vocal performers, adding another level of talent to this spectacular event. At the end of the program, each team received a prize and donated money to their chosen tzedakah. Claudia Elkharrat explained why the Flatbush team chose to donate to Imagine Academy. Thank you to everyone who participated and came to show support, especially to Ms. Birman for being MC and to the Ladies Auxiliary for the use of their cotton candy and popcorn machines (and Ms. Rosie Dayan for her help).