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Monday, March 12, 2012

SGC Shushan Purim Visiting

Most of the students at the Yeshivah of Flatbush have mountains of junk in their house after Purim. We take for granted the fact that we get so much food and candy, but most of us don't realize that some people don't receive food and candy like we do on Purim. The elderly people that are staying in the Beth Israel Medical Center don't get michloach manot on Purim. Juniors, Bonnie Azoulay and Muriel Nakash from 3-S coordinated with the SGC to organize a trip to the medical center to give the elderly mishloach manot on Shushan Purim. We went on a bus with 12 students to go visit them and put smiles on their faces. We all dressed ourselves with festive costumes to really bring in the spirit of Purim. They were so delighted to see us. We could see the impact we made on them as their faces lit up when we handed them the mishloach manot. It couldn't have been a more perfect and appropriate act of chesed to do on Shushan Purim.