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Friday, March 23, 2012

Chris Herren Comes to Flatbush

Yesterday, former college superstar and NBA player, Chris Herren, came to speak to us about the hard times he faced in his life due to chronic substance use. It all began with alcohol and marijuana use in high school and continued to a debilitating drug addiction. Chris really opened our eyes and shared many stories with us. He told us that when he was in high school he was one of the best players in the country and he was the talk of the town. He got us thinking how you can be on top but by making poor decisions and doing bad and dangerous
things it can lead to your downfall. Many of us who love playing basketball were thinking how lucky he was having it all set for him and in one night he ruined his whole life. One stupid decision changed his whole life forever. He was already a wealthy person and he could have been a successful in the NBA but because of his horrible choices, he lost it all. People our age should be making right decisions because the choices you make can affect yourself as well as the people around you, like your family and friends. We’re very happy to see that Chris is sober and clean now and we wish him all the best.

Thank you, SAFE and thank you, Chris!
- Joey Arazi, Joey Sabbagh, Maor Salman - Seniors '12