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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel Activism

On the third day of Operation Pillar Defense, an Israeli operation to root out terrorists in the Gaza Strip and rocket sites, the Israel Activism Commission hosted its weekly meeting. But this meeting was a bit different. This meeting was a briefing on the operation, the facts and information leading up to the operation, and facts regarding the operation. It was a chance for students to fully understand what Israel is facing, learn the facts, and respond to critics. The meeting drew a multitude of students, many of which had never attended Israel Activism meetings, but who wanted to learn more about Israel due to the operation.

Mr. Rothbort, the faculty advisor of the Israel Activism Commission, and Tomer Kornfeld, the student commissioner of the Israel Activism Commission, jointly led the meeting. The room was packed with students on all three sides, and it was virtually impossible to move around. There weren’t any seats left, and students had to resort to sitting on the windowsill, on the floor, and along the wall. The meeting was a true success, and the students learned valuable information regarding Operation Pillar of Defense.

Let us pray for the Israeli soldiers who are on the frontlines, many of which are teenagers who are now forced to defend their homeland. Let us also continue our support of Israel and of the American-Israel relationship, and ensure that the bonds between our two countries remain strong.
~Andrew Hersh