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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sunday Morning Learning

Nearly 50 students – along with faculty, family, and friends – came to learn on Sunday morning, October 21, for the second SML of the season. They had the privilege of hearing a wonderful shiur given by Assistant Principal Rabbi Joseph Beyda, who spoke about Avraham Avinu and what made him worthy of being chosen by HaShem. The audience came away with a better understanding of Avraham and what made him so special.

This SML session was sponsored by the Hanon, Sasson, and Winkler families in memory of Taly Greenfeld Cohen, Jason Botnick, and Lonny Benamy, A"H. May the learning done in their memory serve as an iluy nishmatam.

All students, parents, faculty, alumni, and friends are invited to join us again on December 15 for the last Sunday Morning Learning of the semester, which is being sponsored in memory of Suzanne Blaine, A"H. We hope to see you there.