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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poetry Slam 2012

Yeshivah of Flatbush hosted its very first Jewish Poetry Slam. Students from Frisch, Kohelet, and Central all came together to celebrate the beauty and unity of the poetic word. With Thanksgiving around the corner, the theme of the event was giving thanks. Due to the unfortunate current events in Israel together with the chaos that ensued from Hurricane Sandy, we came together to express our emotional support for the things in life that we feel gratitude for. Students wrote two poems each, an Ode and a Free Verse, and competed for 5 possible awards: Best Performance, Best Ode, Best Free Verse, Runner up Poet of the Day, and finally - Poet of the Day. Kohelet was the true shining star of the day in their ability to bring 3 awards back to their hometown of Philly. The Poet of the Day trophy was awarded to Akiva Mattenson, of Frisch. We look forward to plenty more poetry slams in the future and hope to host yet another competition in the Spring semester.  ~Ms. Ariela Robinson