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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spanish Day at Flatbush!

The day we have all been anticipating has finally taken place. The first annual Flatbush Spanish Day was originally just a dream in the minds of Senora Ovadia’s AP Spanish class. Thanks to Senora, we have been able to make this seemingly unattainable dream a reality. On October 25th students from the AP Spanish and Spanish 3 classes joined forces to create an unforgettably fun-filled and educational day of Espanol. Students were able to participate in games, sing songs, and get a genuine taste of authentic Spanish culture including delicious Spanish cuisines. On behalf of the Spanish students of Yeshivah of Flatbush, we would like to thank Sra. Ovadia for the amazing day she has put together. Her unwavering attitude and devoted vision have inspired us all, sparking an excellent day in Flatbush history. Senora’s incredible traits have been epitomized in the success of the groundbreaking event of Spanish Day. It is truly an honor to learn such a profound culture and language from such a special person.
~Senora Ovadia’s AP Spanish class