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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alumnus Joey Cohen-Saban Delivers Israel Advocacy Message

The students in class 3-HR had an exciting opportunity on Monday to reconnect with an old friend, Flatbush alumnus Joey Cohen-Saban, who delivered a passionate session on the necessity of advocacy, the pro-Israel movement, and the US-Israel relationship. Joey delivered this session as part of his volunteer work in the pro-Israel movement, part of which consists of speaking to students at various yeshivot about the movement, and motivating students to take action and join the movement. Mr. Cohen-Saban displayed five different videos, ranging from the atmosphere on college campuses to the Iranian threat to the US-Israel relationship, and gave a commentary on each video, often consisting of an inspiring personal story. Joey certainly impressed everyone with his succinctness while still managing to cover a wide range of topics and aspects, and sharing information with the students that they never knew before, and which will hopefully make a difference in their lives, as they pursue their goals and chase after their dreams.

It was truly an incredible experience to participate in this program. A big thank you to Joey for taking the time to deliver this session, as well as to Jewish History teacher Mar Bar-gad, for setting aside the time to allow for this important session on Jewish identity.   ~Andrew Hersh