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Friday, February 15, 2013

Leadership Opportunity on the 8th Grade Shabbaton for High School Juniors

This year a group of Juniors had the opportunity to participated on 8th grade shabbaton as advisors. We met our groups of students Thursday night and got to know them over dinner at the elementary school. Early Friday morning we got the students on the bus and shortly after, arrived at the Berkeley Hotel. The program immediately started with a game show followed by a session about Shabbat. As advisors this session was a great opportunity for us to share with the 8th graders the greatness of Shabbat. They were then given free time to get ready for Shabbat and then came together for pre-Shabbat ruach. Throughout the entire Shabbat, as role models for the 8th graders, thejuniors helped them experience and enjoy Shabbat in a very special way. Throughout the next week the 8th grade classes each had a turn to come experience the high school in a very unique way. They were split up in to groups and participated in fun educational games with high school teachers. Then they ate lunch and watched an informative video. Afterwards they were split up by interest and got the chance to experience a high school lesson such as art, science, an social studies. In the end this turned out to be a very successful program and a great learning experience for both the juniors and the 8th graders.