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Monday, November 11, 2013

EKO Commission Prospect Park Clean-Up

Last Wednesday, 25 students from the Yeshivah of Flatbush EKO Commission, accompanied by Rabbi Moses Haber, headed out to Prospect Park to clean it up. When we arrived, we met Ryan, an employee at the park. He oriented us to what we would be doing and then handed out tools and gloves. In order to enhance the experience senior, Jacqueline Baum, collected our phones so that we would be focused on our task. The group then split up. Some of us went around with garbage clippers and picked up trash, while others cleaned up the dirt and roots on the path. We set up a meeting time so we could take a break for lunch together. We enjoyed lunch out on the "finger" of the park while looking out at a gorgeous scenic view of the lake. After lunch, we got right back to work. We ended off the day in a fun way. As we raked the leaves on the ground, we also jumped into the piles that we made. Our effort in cleaning up the park was realized when we looked around and saw the clear pathways and surrounding areas. Hopefully our clean-up attempt gives more people the ability and the enjoyable experience of spending a day in one of our cities wonderful parks. Overall, it was a beautiful and productive day! ~Sylvia Dweck