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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Traveling Troupe Experiences "Every Day A Visitor" Off Broadway

Members of our Traveling Troupe at "Every Day A Visitor"
Last Wednesday night,  members of our Traveling Troupe attended an Off-Broadway performance of "Every Day A Visitor." The play is about a Jewish nursing home in the Bronx filled with hysterically bold yet somber elderly people who begin to play a game they called politics to entertain each other in their dull or unhealthy moments. With the help of Mrs. Hannon and the Pathfinders Program the playwright, Richard Abrons, was informed of what the Yeshivah of Flatbush Traveling Troupe does on a weekly basis (performs at nursing homes) and generously granted free tickets for the students to the performance. The play was full of brilliant and intelligent humor, however the part that resonated the most with the Traveling Troupe was when all the elderly characters began to realize that they loved their lives in a nursing home and wouldn't wish to live anywhere else. This gave strong meaning to the acts of Chesed the Traveling Troupe does every other week providing entertainment for those in need.