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Friday, January 16, 2015

Chesed Mission 2015/5775: Day 3

Today, we woke up with smiles and butterflies for the next day of the chesed mission. It was going to be our first Friday in Israel. Some of the girls woke up before sunrise to go to the Hadaya store. They picked out jewelry with Hebrew scripture engraved into each piece. We then went back to the hotel for breakfast. As per usual, we left the dining room with our stomachs full and waistbands stretching - we ate too much shakshooka again! 

We all gathered onto the bus and headed to the Michael and Lola Goldstein Emunah Day Care Center. The children come from needy families who need help to support and watch over their children. The center also provides services for parents in order for them to build healthy family lives. We interacted and played with them. We also blew bubbles with them, which the children really enjoyed. They smiled and giggled and lit up the room with happiness. Of course, it was contagious and before you knew it, we all couldn't stop smiling! We ended off the visit with delicious desserts made by the wonderful women that work at the center. 
Our next stop was the Machane Yehuda Shuk to buy some Shabbat treats! We headed to the most crowded market in Jerusalem right before Shabbat. We bought candy, fruit, falafel, and pink pickles. We got a taste of what it means to prepare for Shabbat in Israel. We look forward to spending Shabbat in Jerusalem. We miss our family but no worries, Rabbi Besser, Mr. Galpert, and Senora Shterenzer are taking great care of us! We can't wait for Shabbat and the week to come! ~Esther Bildirici