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Friday, January 2, 2015

Flatbush Students Visit The New York Times

On December 16th, Mr. Hofstetter’s Journalism Class and the Phoenix Staff visited the New York Times. The day began with a question and answer session with Ethan Bronner and Michael Slackman, with questions ranging from subjects like “is the NYT biased against Israel” to “what would you be if not for a journalist” to “are women journalists at a disadvantage in certain countries.” Afterwards, the students were taken on a tour of the building, where they were able to see the editors in action at their desks. They were then taken through a hallway that showcased all 114 of the NYT articles that have awarded Pulitzer Prizes. The day ended with a meeting explaining how the NYT advertises on its website to attract new consumers. Students had a first hand look at how all the news are really fit to print. ~Shani Zenilman