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Thursday, January 29, 2015

WordWright January Results

Four teams of students representing Yeshivah of Flatbush recently won high honors in this year's WordWright Challenge, a national competition for high school students requiring close reading and analysis of many different kinds of prose and poetry. Participating with 600 school teams from all across the country, the school's ninth and tenth graders both placed first in the nation in the year’s second meet, held in December. At the same time, the school’s eleventh graders placed fourth in the nation and its twelfth graders placed second in the nation.

Students at the school who won high individual honors in the meet included freshmen Danielle Duchan (who earned a perfect score), Michael Feldman, Claire Lessler, Natanel Ben Shabat, Carolyn Kassin, Sam Tourgeman, Nancy Ades, Joseph Aini, Daliah Ben-Ari, Fortune Manopla, and Jessica Vaysman; Sophomores David Azrak, Joey Berkowitz, and Deborah Coopersmith (all of whom earned perfect scores), Joe Ben-Haim, Jacques Mosseri, Rachel Tbeile, Avraham Tessone, Shlomo Husni, Isaac Farhi, Joshua Salama, and Hannah Waide; juniors Victoria Gindi, Yola Haber, and Dylan Sutton (all of whom earned perfect scores), Gabi Cohen, Allan Bailey, Lily Betesh, and Aida Franco; and seniors Melissa Duchan, Louis Franco, Sarah Levy, and Gabriel Rudy (all of whom earned perfect scores), Nessim Azizo, Jackie Fried, Rashelle Gersh, Asher Lifschitz, Naomi Shapiro and Michael Zalta. More than 60,000 students from across the country participated in the meet. The students were supervised by Ms. Shifra Hanon.