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Thursday, April 27, 2017

AP English Literature Class Explore the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Ms. Bloom's AP English Literature class ventured out on an early spring day to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We meandered through the grounds reading poetry and gazing at the royal purple and dazzling white crocuses, the heralds of spring. Contemplating life while watching the Koi from the Japanese pagoda, we discussed carpe diem and then continued our search for a place to eat. Instead we happened upon the Shakespeare Garden where Florence Deutsch read Sonnet XXX IV. After a lovely picnic, we continued our search for the elusive cherry blossoms, while Josef Kusayev and David Azrak went on a quest to find two fruit trees to say Birchat Illanot. It was a fun trip with a lot of literary silliness and intellectual banter enjoyed by all.