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Monday, April 3, 2017

Sophomore Guidance Program 2017

Recently, Yeshivah of Flatbush sophomores had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Joey Cabaso. Joey Cabaso discussed with our students all difficulties he has suffered throughout his life with addiction and how he overcame those difficulties. Joey lost his loved ones, his education, and even his religion while he was an addict. Joey told sophomores extremely personal stories which  happened to him while he was an addict. The fact that he was able to come up and speak in front of multiple students showed us how courageous he is and how much he has changed since becoming clean. This should all be a reminder to us that Hashem is always with us no matter what, and does everything that happens only for the better. He taught us that we should always try to be in control of what we do, and not let addiction take over our lives, like it did his. Think before you do, always pay attention to your decision making, think about the consequences, and that's it's never too late to change. We hope Joey Cabaso influenced those who may suffer addiction or even think about doing drugs or drinking, for the better. ~Celia Banbahji, Class of 2019