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Monday, April 3, 2017

Sephardic Heritage Trip 2017/5777: Day 7

Sunday night was our final night in Spain so we had a wrap up session. We answered the questions that were in the Spain prep book as well as new ones that Ms. Wielgus wrote down. It helped us realize how great the trip was and how much we did and saw during the week. The session lasted until about 1:00am then we went back to our rooms.
The next morning we had our last gourmet breakfast ( we will miss the cappuccino machine and Sheila's yummy grilled cheese sandwiches!) and made our way to the great Royal Palace in Madrid. Although the king and queen don't live there it was still pretty cool to see where state dinners and occasions are held. We saw the king's dressing room as well as the throne room. The dining room was one of the largest of the more than 3000 rooms. It seats up to 140 guests! Amazingly our tour guide, Moses, had his parents invited to dine with the king there in 1992. We also toured the armor room were we saw many old weapons and knight uniforms. After that we took some great pictures and went to the airport. What a week! Spain '17- it's been real:)
~Freddy Arazi, Class of 2017

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