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Monday, April 3, 2017

Mock Trial Update 2017

On Wednesday March 8th, the Yeshivah of Flatbush Mock Trial Team, led by coach Mr. Howard Rothbort, went back to the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse after a first victory to argue the case of "Berkman V. County of Dover." In this civil case, in which a former robbery suspect is suing for being maliciously prosecuted by the police, the Yeshivah played the role of the "Plaintiff," advocating in favor of Robin Berkman. The opposing team, Abraham Lincoln High School, exhibited a strong defense, but it was not enough for the judge to ultimately rule in favor of Flatbush. The lawyers (Isabel Lin, Jack H. Dweck, and Robert Adler), with the help of witnesses (Ezra Faks, Jessica Vaysman, and Samuel Vaysman) presented a strong, cohesive argument before the judge in favor of Berkman and proved their case. We look forward to another win in the next round tomorrow, on April 4th.
~ Robert Adler, Class of 2019