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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

AP Literature and AP Language Classes Expereince Shakespeare at BAM

On Wednesday April 6, the students of Ms. Bloom’s AP Literature and senior AP Language classes, chaperoned by Ms. Bloom and Ms. Agassi, went to the Brooklyn Academy of Music or BAM in Downtown Brooklyn to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s enactment of the play Henry V. The Monday prior to the trip an instructor from BAM came to our class to give an acting workshop and gave us some background on the play, which was highly entertaining. On the day of the play we were one of the first schools to arrive (Just as Ms Bloom planned!), which allowed us to get front row seats! The play was fantastic with amazing acting and many funny, sad, and thrilling action-packed scenes. The end of the play had every student enrapt with attention and full of laughter; Ms Bloom even got a wink from King Henry! Thank you to Ms Bloom for organizing this trip, which was enjoyed immensely by everyone involved. 
~ Max Edeson, Class of 2016