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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flatbush Competes in Torah Bowl

Last month, Rabbi Taler and the Yeshivah of Flatbush Boys' Torah Bowl team participated in the last competition of the season in the league consisting of the schools North Shore, HAFTR, and HANC. Studying the entire Sefer Shemot and Rashi over the course of the year, Flatbush was ready for the playoffs and prepared the material for the last three parshiot, Ki Tisa, Vayakhel, and Pikudei. Each game was pretty intense and competitive, some leading to nearly tied games. Led by senior captain Joey Baum and assisted by senior member Chiya Abramowitz, Flatbush swept through against the home team of North Shore with a halftime score of 10-0, but ultimately lost in the semifinal against HAFTR. As this is the last meet for three seniors of the team, hopefully the younger Torah Bowl members will step up to win more games in the near future. ~Chiya Abramowitz, Class of 2016