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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reflections from the YU National Model United Nations

The day had finally arrived. Months have been spent preparing ourselves for this very moment. Twelve hours into six sessions. We all had the same questions in our minds, would we make it to the top three? Would we have the thrill of victory or agony of defeat?

When we arrived we hurriedly got our placards and went to go get a spot in our separate committee rooms. Afterwards, we got emotionally and physically prepped to begin. As usual, our ritual commenced. Writing positive comments about our fellow teammates while wishing them the best. Our advisor, Mr. Lazar, the backbone of our team, had everything we had forgotten ranging from notepads to colored pens to cough drops and vitamin C. In our group huddle we were motivated and extremely pumped to win. We believed that we would leave here successful.
Claire Lessler won Honorable Mention
As the gavel went down on the podium YUNMUN XXVI was officially in session. We rushed to our committee giving each other our last good lucks. The Chair of the committee and his assistants walked in and they room hushed as everyone filed into their seats.

And from there, the whirlwind began. People passionately debated on topics that were thoroughly researched. Alliances were formed, broken and reshaped in order to best fit our country's interests. Doing the best we could possibly do with our comments, speeches and teamwork during caucuses.
After six rigorous and exhaustive sessions we managed to succeed. We came up with solutions on how to make the world a better and safer place for all. From stringent precautions in the Arctic to ways how to protect refugees fleeing from their war ravaged homes. We came out united as one cohesive group protecting the world. We became superheroes with the power of our voices and pens.
~Deborah Coopersmith, Class of 2017