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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flatbush Yachad Shabbaton 2013!

This past Shabbat we had our annual Flatbush Yachad Shabbaton. Many families in the local Flatbush area hosted Yachad members and advisors so that everyone would be close to the elementary school, where the Shabbaton took place. On Friday night we all prayed together in the elementary school and had a nice meal together with our Yachad friends. During the meal we sang and danced together and had a few divrei Torah. On Shabbat morning we prayed at Bet Torah in the Teen minyan and they graciously invited us for a delicious breakfast after Musaf. We all walked back together to the elementary school where we played Family Feud and then had our Shabbat meal. After the meal, we had some more divrei Torah, singing and dancing. We then had free time to play games or go home and relax. At 7 o'clock everyone came back to the elementary school for Seudat Shlishit and we sat in a circle filled with lots of powerful singing and some nice speakers. Being together in the circle and looking around at all the happy faces was an incredible feeling. We all sang together as one room no matter where we came from, whether we were a high schooler, advisor or a Yachad member. The feeling of being around such happy and devoted people was amazing. After Shabbat we had a musical havdalah and we ended the night with some rikkudim to welcome the new week. ~Lani Prus