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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hunt For Chesed

Winning Team: Micael Elkarrat, Daniel Esses, and Elliot Levy with Victor (Waldo) Dweck
The Tzedakah Commission organized one last event to end off the year, a Hunt for Chesed scavenger hunt on Wednesday May 22nd. Students started off by participating in Cooking for a Cause, preparing meals for the needy; from there, 10 teams began the hunt. Each team received the same sheet of all different kinds of clues and trivia questions to complete within a set time. The clues ranged from getting a grandma slice from Pizza Time, to locating a 16-Handles’ spoon, to even finding Waldo.

The students in the Hunt had a blast scavenging in the high school and Avenue J. This event gave students the opportunity to take a break from the pre-finals pressures and earn Chesed hours. The winning team, Michael Elkarrat, Daniel Esses, and Elliot Levy got to choose the organization where they will donate the money that was raised. They chose to contribute to SBH. Thank you to Senora Ovadia, Mrs. Hanon, and everyone in the Tzedakah Commission for making this a fun filled successful event. ~Contributions by Renee Shammah