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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gilda's Writing Workshop

Gilda's writing workshop is a place where writers from all over New York State come to discuss and write their own literature. I, along with Helen Menashe, Steven Hakim, Mikey Shamah, Lital Nainshtein, and Cynthia Benun took part in this workshop. It was unbelievable meeting and interacting with fellow writers from across the state, and especially sharing our writings with them. Joining together with all the different students and having them read and critique our writing undoubtedly helped us improve as writers. We were given a complicated piece of writing, which allowed all of us to interpret it in various ways. Then we were given a prompt to write about, which helped us convey thoughts in our own special way. The experience was one that we all enjoyed, and one that we will definitely take with us in the future. 
~Joey Cohen