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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wellness Art Show

Ms. Robinson's Wellness Tzei U'Lemad is an elective class that meets once a week for students who want to dedicate themselves to learning how to balance a healthy life both physically and mentally. We have had speakers come in to our meetings to speak about the dangers of the media, attended and hosted a series of yoga classes during finals, and concentrated on various forms of personal expression. This semester in particular we focused our efforts on our final group project: A Wellness Art Show.

Our Art Show took place on Wednesday night, April 24th. The night showcased our girl's work as well as the cancer patients and families from The Sephardic Bikur Cholim Cancer Center. The theme of the show was Community and we aimed to bridge the two worlds of education and healing through the powerful tool of art.

We also showcased a collaborative piece of art that we had been producing by both our students and The Center’s clients. We created an 8 ft mosaic that depicts the splitting of the Red Sea. The Cancer Center had worked on one side of the split sea and the students of Yeshivah of Flatbush had been working on the other. Last night, we united the pieces for the first time. The mosaic depicts the waters separating in order to allow for the Jewish community to travel through it, and ultimately secure our survival as a people.

Our guest of honor, Emily Shrem, served as the link between these two communities, and not only did she showcase her own art work but she spoke beautifully as well. The event was a really nice, enjoyable night that truly helped show the power of art and the beauty of community. ~Ms. Robinson