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Friday, May 9, 2014

Daniel Chernikoff Memorial Day 2014/5774

Last Sunday, the Yeshivah of Flatbush family held their 4th annual Daniel Chernikoff Memorial Day. Daniel, a member of the 2003 graduating class, passed away suddenly a few years ago, at a very young age. Since then the Yeshivah has held an annual day of learning and hockey in Daniel's memory. Both Torah and Hockey were two things that Daniel loved doing. The day began with Sunday Morning Learning, with learning and a Shiur given by Rabbi Shay Urim, on the topic of 'Israel'. The second half of he day was filled with a hockey tournament dedicated in Daniel's memory. Over 60 students, alumni, family members, friends, and community members came together for the tournament. After a few hours of intense hockey, the championship game was set between the red and the white team. Some of the members of the red team included Jesse Salem (HS '05) and Danny Harary (HS '03), who was a close friend of Daniel. With less than a minute remaining both teams found themselves in a 0-0 game. It seemed that the game would end that way, but that changed very quickly. Rabbi Joe Blumenthal (Alum and Current High School Faculty), a member of the white team found himself on a break away with :47 seconds left, but was taken down hard, and was allowed a penalty shot. After scoring on the penalty shot, the white team added a second open net goal with less than ten seconds, to seal the victory.

Members of the winning white team included R' Joe Blumenthal, Judah Blumenthal (HS '04), Zev Levavi (HS '04), Reuven Levavi (HS '01), Isaac Jonas (HS '04), Avi Jonas (HS '07), Avi Abadie (HS '07), David Tannenbaum and Seth Frankel.

The day was a tremendous success. The Yeshvah would like to thank all those who helped sponsor, arrange, and organize the event. Tizku LMitzvot.