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Friday, May 30, 2014

Wellness Fashion Show

The Wellness Tzei U'lemad, taught by Ms. Robinson, gave me the opportunity to express myself through a creative and innovative outlet. When I first signed up, I did not imagine it to be half as beneficial as it was for my physical and mental well-being. After yoga trips and reflective writing assignments we had the two biggest projects of the year, the camping trip and the fashion show.

The purpose of the camping trip was to place us in an environment in which we can truly appreciate nature. We don't always notice the natural beauty that is sometimes right in front of us. After spending an amazing couple of days making new bonds and memories, I found what I was looking for. Just like every stone and branch is perfectly placed in this world to add to the larger scenery, every human is placed to add to the overall beauty of the world. We didn't have to look great to feel beautiful and content with our selves. All we needed was to take a break from civilization and explore the forests that surround us (literally).
The Wellness Fashion Show was another spectacular event. It was more about displaying confidence, rather then showing off external beauty. I takes a great deal of courage to strut down the ramp of the auditorium in front of half the girls of the student body. Ever since I was a freshman I admired the girls who walked in the show. I always planned to do it myself, but never thought I actually would. Every thing we did in the Wellness class led up to that moment. First we had to be content with our selves and have inner peace, before we can truly be confidence. Walking down the aisle gave me a rush of excitement and made me feel like a celebrity. With the music blaring and everyone cheering I couldn't imagine not participating before. It was also meant to show the younger girls that its possible to be confident while still being tzniut. A special thanks goes out to Nina Esses for organizing it.

Life is so hectic that this class gave me an opportunity to step back and take in my surroundings. Having twelve classes a day can be stressful, but wellness is like a breath of fresh air. It is a place to escape to when all other routes are sealed off. I will cherish the valuable friendships I made and lessons I learnt throughout the rest of my life. I will continue to encourage those around me to be grateful for who they are and stay true to themselves.
- Emma Burekhovich ❤️