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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrate Israel Parade: 2014

On June 1st Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School, as well as the Middle Division, participated in the annual Celebrate Israel Parade. This is an incredibly huge event in which more than 250 schools and institutions participate. This year, the general theme honored the 50th anniversary of the parade. As it is our tradition we made a special presentation with the sub theme "50 blessings for the State of Israel on the 50th Parade." Our preparation is always a year long journey and an educational experience.Our t-shirt is designed by our own students in the graphic design class under the supervision of Ms. T Berkowitz. The always accurate historical background as well as the beautiful psukim portrayed are chosen by Dr. L. Gerber. The preparation of our visual presentation is carried out with outstanding creativity by Mr. J. Novetsky and the students in his different art classes. Our majestic Color Guard is prepared by Mr. N. Sanders. The banners with psukim are created and painted by Ms. Dvora Greenfeld.
Many students are empowered to be commissioners of the different marching components from the creation of the dance for the Dance Troupe, the music that will accompany our school while marching, and more.
Last but not least, everything is coordinated by Ms. Elana Birman.