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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Senior Trip 2014: Day 2

Today was an amazing, fun-filled day. This was the second day of the Yeshivah of Flatbush 2014 Senior Trip in Atlanta, GA. We woke up refreshed and energized to start a jam-packed day. After having minyan and a delicious breakfast, we embarked on our journey to Six Flags. There, we all split up into small groups and ventured through the park. The risk-takers and adrenaline junkies had a blast by going on insane roller coasters such as, "The Daredevil," “Goliath," "Batman," and many other thrillers. But whether or not one enjoyed the high-speed rides, everyone managed to have a fantastic time. Some seniors even managed to walk out with life size stuffed animals in their hands!
Afterwards, we had a quick lunch outside the park and managed to finish only seconds before a downpour of rain. Our next stop was Atlanta Cyclorama, a Civil War museum exploring the Battle of Atlanta. We were able to gain a healthy dose of education by checking out the museum and listening to our very informative tour guide, “Young Abe". We were able to “ride” on the Cyclorama itself which was an enormous, 360 degree painting that depicts the historic battle that took place in Atlanta. The Cyclorama would slowly rotate in order to reveal the entire painting to us. 
After the Cyclorama, we went to Congregation Beth Jacob for Mincha and Aravit. In the break between prayers, we had the honor of listening to Rabbi Chaim Neiditch, director of Atlanta NCSY. He spoke about staying Jewish in the "real world" after high school. 
Next, the Comedy group, “Laughing Matters,” met us at Emory University’s Hillel, where they put on an interactive show for us. The hilarious trio, Marc, Ryan and Tommy, put on quite a show for us. Select seniors were able to be part of their act. Whether it was Barbara Harari not being able to breathe due to her uncontrollable laughter on stage (Happy Birthday Barbara), Mark Guindi and Joy Feinberg’s made up movie titles, or Gus Kennedy not understanding the meaning behind the trio’s gibberish. Everyone was able to wear a huge smile throughout the entire performance. What a blast the second day of senior trip was!  ~Jeffrey Nussbaum