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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Senior Trip 2014: Day 1

Our first day of the Yeshivah of Flatbush 2014 Senior Trip started with a bright and early wake up to meet at LaGuardia Airport at 4AM. Although we were all half sleeping we arrived at the airport with enthusiasm and excitement for our flight. After going through security we prayed together and then headed straight onto the plane. Two hours later we arrived in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Our first stop in Atlanta was a scavenger hunt in Centennial Olympic Park . We split up into teams to compete against each other. The scavenger hunt was very organized and a lot of fun. We had to do things like find the world headquarters of CNN building, which is also in the same area (and answer trivia questions about it). We also had to get into the Coca-Cola factory and do some taste tests. Although it was very close, team #15 (Ezra Idy, Jack Terzi, Ben Fried, Moe Chabot, Emily Apterbach, Joy Feinberg and Kalya Meshulam) won. Following the scavenger hunt we all gathered under the pavilion to eat lunch.
Next, we headed to Treetop Quest Ropes Course we were tested both physically and mentally. We were split into three groups and experienced all of the three activities available. One site was high up in the air with many different obstacles all above a safety net. Obstacles like a tight rope, walking on logs, taking a small zipline and so much more. This site was very action packed and we all left with grins from ear to ear after the huge slide down. At another site, we tested our physical strengths by completing an intense ropes course in the trees. This was our chance to put all what we have learned in the previous site to the test. This site was much more challenging and we had to learn how to finagle our "tweezels" to make sure we were secure. We were all harnessed and taught about the safety rules and after the practices, we each needed to choose what level we thought we were are able to handle. Everyone had a great time no matter what level they chose.  The third site, was all about teamwork. We each had to work on trust skills and work together to accomplish larger tasks. We then enjoyed cookies, chips and water. We ate, socialized and prayed Mincha there.

After the rope courses, we headed to dinner at the Marcus Hillel Center at Emory University. We were served chicken, beef, salad, vegetables, and more. One can feel the cozy atmosphere, which the Jewish students at Emory University enjoy with couches, a pool table, a basketball arcade. We hung out there for a while and everyone relaxed for a bit.
After praying Arbit, our last stop for the night was the Stone Mountain Laser Light Show. It was an amazing show composed of laser lights, music, and fire works projected on a mountain. The content of the laser show explained the history of Atlanta, Georgia in a fun and exciting way. The music got us dancing, leaving everyone in a good mood resulting in an awesome bus ride to the hotel with pumping music. The show was the cherry on top of an amazing day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store! ~Joyce Hazan