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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seniors 2014 Scavenger Hunt in Grand Central Station

On May 15th, the seniors went to Grand Central Station for a scavenger hunt made by Abie Tawil, Albert Zibak and Danielle Shalam. The seniors had to figure out the clues and send in pictures of their team with the items in the clues. Some of the clues included finding a tennis court, posing with a baby, fitting into a "freshie sized" door, and basically running around the entire terminal. There were 14 teams and although most of the teams were very close, the winning team included Joy Feinberg, Dana Nahoum, Eden Malka, Kayla Meshulam, Emily Apterbach, Michal Yefet, Raizy Cohen and Shira Cygler. It was a blast, uniting almost the whole senior grade. We would like to thank Rabbi Beyda, and Mrs. Zaltzman for being our teacher chaperones as well as Mr. Galpert organizing the event and allowing us to use him as one of our clues. ~Danielle Shalam